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“They come with wilted gaze
In anticipation of a new phase
And in the coming together, a vision;
There comes clarity in the mission.

In no moment are they left unguided
As to their Lord, all their fears confided
And We are the One who opens the doors,
We are the One who guides the chores.

Allow it to unfold how it is meant to be
But from your task do not flee;
We do not judge on pedigree
Or measure expansion with a degree.

We already know what will unfold
And part of it you have been told.
It is not only the formation of a community,
It is the response to humanity’s plea
For the offering of salvation,
Releasing all forms of degradation,
Of the light that shines through each and every one
Where all of the layers can be undone
And you expand in an infinite, Divine embrace.
That is the fate of the human race.

Thank you.”

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