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"The traveller walks across the land,
Climbing mountains and crossing sand;
All alone he thought he would stand
Until he met the marching band.

And in a river he took a dip
And from the well, he took a sip
But the small indulgences did not equip
Him for the love into which he would slip.

And he saw a camp of people afar;
He saw them shining like bright stars;
He thought from them he could hide his tar
But pretending would not get him far.

And when he reached the village, they welcomed him
Even though his light was dim.
Their single goal was to make him grin
And fill his heart to the brim.

With the time he spent with these souls
An understanding of purpose and life was told
And a magnificent experience began to unfold
And his own light started to shine so bold.

And with this community, he stayed a while,
Forgetting the troubles of the far-off mile,
Connecting to The Divine in an effective style –
Would these blessings bring on a trial?

And he started to ponder if this could be
The sort of life he was meant to see?
From all his burdens, he was free
And all experience filled him with glee.

And then came a time where he could choose
To continue like this, or return to a noose,
For staying meant that he would lose
All those that deprived him of love and refused
To show him that he was One with all.
Instead they pinned him against the wall,
Slapping him to stand tall
And exploiting him in a continuous brawl.

And if he stayed, he lived in love
With the grace raining from up above
Where he could spread his wings like a dove
In the flowing ocean of Our love.

And if you were this traveling man
Where would you choose to stand?
In your old familiar land
Or in freedom, with the marching band?

In every moment, there is a choice to make
And in choices, so much is at stake.
Infinite options, you could take
But one road is the one We make.

And when you surrender to Our will
Your hearts We will fill
More than any possible pill,
Just pure ecstasy from surrendered will.

And when you see the stars in the night,
As they hang shining bright,
You too are in Our sight
Shining back in your light.

Thank you.”

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