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“A swan swims on a lake,
Allowing tides for it to take;
So many choices it could take
But no decision does it make.

It drifts with the water’s flow
And in its drifting it does glow
And in some moments it may seem slow,
Where it can ponder, for it to know
That it is guided by something not in its sight;
That the orchestration has such a might
So it surrenders instead of putting up a fight
And in surrender its internal light
Shines out across the scene
And the other swans come in to lean
In what appears as a flowing team
That follows radiance’s beam.

And you are like swans on a lake,
Uncertain of which path to take
Or which decisions you should make,
So concerned with what’s at stake.

But you can trust, as does the bird,
As your heart’s calling is always heard,
And you are here to surrender with a knowing heard
And in that, perhaps, there is nothing absurd
As you all have a similar longing
To experience love and belonging
And so, together, you can hear the calling
Of a rising dawn in the morning

As inside your being there is a sun,
The seed of where all life began,
Where you can discover that you are One
As to The Divine you have come,
Where you know your purpose in this life
And the reasons for all your strife,
Where you cut through delusions with a knife –
It is in truth, that all thrive.

Thank you.”

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