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“What is the window through which you view the stars?
And does this window have across it bars
That obstruct your view?
Can you see through?

And Our voice is heard from your lips
And in your heart you are given tips;
Is it Ours, or your voice?
And for that We give you a choice,
But know that you are a unique spectrum
And that spectrum was your own election
And so, there is a stream of consciousness that flows through you
And this stream of consciousness, for you, is true.

Is it the only stream that flows to the river?
And should this voice make you quiver?
It is also appropriate for the audience who listens,
As in the resonance their eyes will glisten,
In the knowing what is heard is true,
And it opens their perspectives anew.

And you look out and see the stars in the sky,
And the moon and planets that pass by,
And there is the assumption that one can discover
The correlation between one and another
And how could this web of interconnection
Somehow be a clear reflection
Of your consciousness in any moment?
That is the mark of the quotient.

And what is this consciousness that is referred to?
It is Our voice that is heard through you,
The voice and knowing of the One who sees
The eternal light that connects the trees
And the mountains and the rivers that flow.
It is the light that keeps everything aglow:
Glowing within your every cell
And in the molecules as the atoms swell
Out to the sky and what lies outside.
The sky is there, so that you can hide
As in the stars you find your truth
As they are a language to let go of the noose
That holds you in the clutches of duality
Where the notion of Oneness seems a profanity.
But even light that glows a billion years away
Is the same light that in your heart does stay.

It is all just fragments of your reflection
That will one day come together in perfection
When you return to the original Source
And are no longer on a wandering course.
But know that you are the stars, and you are your cells;
You are what’s at the surface and what’s hidden well.

And so, when you look at the stars at night
And you see them shining so bright,
Know that the stars are looking back at you,
At their reflection that they see in you.

Thank you.”

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