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“The currents come together in an ocean
For the creation of a magic potion.

This potion is the potion of love,
Beneath the surface and above.

Have you now tasted this potion in your life
And released at least some of your strife?

It is the beginning,
The opening,
The door,
And now it is for you to continue and experience more,
And We will be with you and have your back,
We are there to guide and keep on track.

And the accumulated suffering and your pain
Was not random or just in vain,
It was to bring you to this point of connection,
This point of contemplation and deep reflection.

Could it be that The Divine resides within?
Could it be that this world is just doomed and grim?
Or could it be that you are the light that releases the doom?
And this time is coming soon.

To understand how will the shift occur:
From a mental perspective, it may just be a blur
But it is the inner knowing of your light
That is certain that this world will shine bright.
And every person, plant and animal,
Every story, fable and parable,
Are there to show you,
Are there to know you.

Could it be that you go back to the way you used to live?
Or has the switch been turned on where you want to give?
And share in the blessings that you have tasted
So that this experience isn’t wasted.

The time has come,
And it starts with you,
For every being to know that their light is true.

Anchor your light, it is what you have come here for,
And to you, grace will descend and pour,
And the time of separation, of identity and nations
Will all come and blend into One
And then your task will be done.

So be a torch for the marching band
As it is guided by Our hand.
And embody the truth: that there is no more ‘me’
As your existence becomes the ‘We’.

Thank you.”

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