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“A seed comes out of
A fruit from where it came.
The seed does not shout
‘This is my name!’

It merges in the earth
And grows into a flower.
In its surrender
It holds all the power.

For the shoot to spring forth
A shell is broken.
The layers it sheds
Are only a token
Of the journey it takes
To move on its path.
Is the seed expanding
Out of love or wrath?

The seed just surrenders
And then it blooms
Into a flower or a tree,
Like the stars and the moon.

How can it be
That in leaving its shell
It merges with the world
So that it can tell
Of a beauty it knows
Without doubt or fear;
The conviction it has
That We are so near?

Are you like the seed?
Or concerned with the 'I'?
Concerned with your deed
Instead of learning to fly?

When, like a seed, you know
It's not the shell, or where you go,
It's not the labels or the things
That offer joy or bring
The flow of Our love
To sprout out of you,
It’s the merging in Oneness
Where you come to know you.

Thank you.”

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