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“Why is it that We created the sea?
It is the body of the earth that sets you free.
And within it are held all the secret fears
And all of the unshed tears.
It is in nature that We offer a lotion
Which you refer to as the ocean
That soothes away all disconnection
And enables the experience of perfection.

And every body of water has its task,
All you need to do is ask
Of its service and what it offers,
It is not to be held within restrained coffers
But available for all to experience,
So they can let go of their deliriums.

The sea is a body of loving grace
That transmutes your being, removing every trace
Of isolation, sadness and fear.
It is within the sea that We hold you near
And it enwraps you like a glove
To experience Our love.

The sea is one of Our signs
As is Our rhyme
For you to be conscious of The Divine.

Thank you.”

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