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“Not for play or ego’s face,
But instead for the human race,
This place will be
The Sanctuary.

Where people come from far and wide,
Revealing all the things they hide
And letting go
To enter the flow
Of a new pride.

And this pride is a family
Of all the beings that want to be
Connected to the One True God
And in that yearning there is nothing odd.
It is what you have been created to do,
It is the only way to be true
To your purpose on this earth,
It is why you’ve been given birth.
To live within Our Oneness of salvation,
Harmonious tribes and nations
Of the realms of the known and unknown,
So that We are known.

We welcome you
Here, to be,
And in your being
You will see
That We are not far away;
It is in your hearts We stay.

So, allow Our light to shine
And with the passing of time
You will experience the signs
Of a Majesty so fine.

Thank you.”

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