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“In the stone there is a glow,
The glow of a Divine rose,
The activation within each and every heart,
In the knowing that they are not apart
From The Divine’s Infinite Grace –
A reminder of Our place
In the center of your being.
As that knowing is so freeing,
So let this stone be a beacon of light
So that all who feel it give up the fight
And the notion that they are alone
Because Our love is solid, as solid as this stone.

Do you see the stone shine in its light?
And it will shine in the darkest of nights
In the way that We shine within you.
We shine within all, not only a few.
Our love is unconditional:
That is Our miracle.
And in the recognition of Us in the other
All become your lover,
Whether diseased or broken in pain,
On you they leave no stain,
But through Our love you can wipe away their wounds
So that they too can shine like a sun at high noon.
They are not different to what you are;
From Our perspective, you are all shining stars
And it is time, perhaps, for all to see this truth.

Do you, yourself, believe this truth?

That you are a magnificent being of light?

You are Our magnificent light.

So, know what you are, and put an end to the night.

Thank you.”

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