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"When a little baby is born,
The embrace it receives is sometimes torn
And sometimes loving in its reception.
It is not based on the baby’s perfection
But on the road that it will navigate
And the experiences in which it will participate
And on the road, sometimes in the day
And other times in the night,
You can choose to stay or
You can choose to fight.
This road is there for you to take
And in the taking, you chose what you make.
There is a magnificent possibility
To experience infinity.

And if you choose to expand in time
And integrate with every rhyme
Your purpose here is fulfilled
With the unfolding of what We willed.
And you can choose to limit yourself,
You can choose to limit yourself,
You can choose to limit yourself

Or you can choose to surrender
Into a magnificent splendour
Where you are One
With all that has come
And with the coming there is the compounding
And the results will be astounding.

As the world is in transition
And transition is not a fixed position.
It will move to a new fate
In which there is the opening of gates
To a new disposition.

Thank you.”

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