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“From an atom, a cell
And from a cell, an organ.
From an organ, a body
And from a body, a community.
From a community, the world
And from the world: Cosmos.

And as atoms spark with a flicker,
Joining with others to become thicker,
It is a community of beings
With consciousness and dreams.
The result: a cell of which you call
A part of you
A part of all.

And together these cells dance along,
Singing their familiar song,
Forming an organ. It's what you know,
It makes the body strong, and grow.
Each cell with a function, each with a task,
When loved and nurtured, helps you last.

A community together, they work in line
According to Our instructions, according to Our chime.
And these organs together form the body
Which you identify with your name.
All the bodies in this land,
Similar organs, you are all the same;
What makes you different is your light
And whether or not it shines so bright.

And all your bodies form a town,
Coming together,
Coming together to share love,
And in your talking, and in your work,
You always yearn for what’s above.

All these bodies, you are the same
Even though you give a name;
It is your light that shines so bright,
That enables the flow of Our might.

And this community that march in line,
That follow the instruction of Our chime,
They may wish to do so, or they may rebel;
It is your experience, and time should tell
Who will live with the note
That seemed familiar to old folk.

It's where you came from, and it's who you will be
When you move away from the 'Me' to 'We.’

Thank you.”

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