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"A smooth or jagged touch,
These rocks that give so much,
Like a bone they hold the structure
For the buzzing and the rupture
Of energy that flows in-between.
This energy can be timid or keen
To highlight to you a place
So that you may see its face.

But is it the face that you observe?
And is it the wind that you have heard?
And in the heat, a gentle breeze.
It is the way with Our love: We tease.

Do you not come here in awe
And recall what you saw
And make connections to other times,
To other places, other chines?

You may say this place is unique,
You may marvel at its peaks
But every rock is still connected
To every space, even unsuspected,
With the vibration that it holds
And the structures that it moulds.

We are in everything.
We are in you, Our king.
Does it surprise you
That We revere
Your contribution and your splendour?
If not for you, it would not exist,
So enjoy it, with glee and bliss.

Thank you."

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