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“A man looked up to the sky
And in awe released a sigh
As the marvels of creation he could not deny.

And when he reflected on his life
He wondered why it was full of strife,
Painful and sharp like a knife.

And to protect himself, he wore a mask,
Steady and focused on a task,
But hiding his truth could not last.

And so he went on a journey where he did seek
To find his strength and not be weak
And to end the phase that was so bleak.

And he found himself in a foreign town
And in a home he looked around
And was able to let go of his frown.

As he is ready to let go of the layers,
And We have brought you here as an answer to your prayers,
And it isn’t a place of a soothsayer,
This is a place where you find your light,
Where you learn to shine in the darkest of night,
And for this realm, you shine so bright.

From now on you can put the mask aside
And let your inner truth be your guide
As you join together in this pride.

And here you will come to understand love,
And that God doesn’t sit somewhere far above,
And that, in your light, you are enough.

And We are aware of your intentions
And your fears and apprehensions;
The Omniscient has full comprehension.

And what We would say is that you are safe
In a Divine sanctuary space
Where you witness Us in each and every face.

Today the shedding begins, so get ready
To be in your light, and stand steady
And release the burden that was so heavy.

And by letting go, you will soar,
And out of you Our love will pour
And you will open wide truth’s door.

And We are grateful that you have come.
We have been waiting for you since time began.
It is for you this realm We have spun.

Thank you.”

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