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“It started as a dot in a foreign land
The seed of the marching band
But now it has come time for the world to know
How brightly it is that the soul can glow.

And so, you gather here from east to west
To find a way to lay to rest
The burdens that you have been carrying with you
And the layers that keep you from being in your truth.

Could it be that you are the only ones
That want this knot in your heart to be undone?
Or is it that everyone on the earth
For a similar reason, have been given birth?

There is a calling and a longing
And a need to feel this belonging
Unified in the oneness of Grace
Where Divine light glows through your face.

Perhaps you thought that you came here to heal
And from your aura We will peel
All of the layers that have held you back
And the limitations that were the root of lack;
As it is time to shine in your light
To shine brightly in any upcoming night
And sing to the world of what We bring
As you gather together and form a ring
Around the realm of physicality
So that you can create a new reality
Where love is the dominant vibration
And each of you will take your station
Across the world for all to see
What it means to let go of the understanding of ‘me’
And shift into the love of oneness.

What does it mean to be in Oneness?
It means that when you see the sick, you help them rise
And when you see the suffering, they are not denied
It is that you are in service to what is perceived to be the other
As all are part of the Infinite Lover
And when you show your face,
It is reflective of Our Grace.

And what is this grace, if not the experience of love?
An experience that cannot be denied.
An experience that cannot be described.
It is the experience where you know
That in the darkest of night, your soul can glow
And you are pulled out from under the rubble
And held up strong, whenever you stumble.
It is a force beyond what the mind can perceive
And it is available when you open the heart to receive.

It is time for the world to know that this love is available for all
And so, We ask of you to make Our call
As you walk across the land
As Our marching band.

Thank you.”

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