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“As a drifter, you wander across the land
And arrive at this place in the sand
For the formation of the marching band.

Could it be that you are just random dust
That spends its time wondering if it is enough?
And if contrast in life is the must.

As you have been through this journey of life
And endured plenty of struggle and strife
Perhaps you wonder, ‘Where is the opening for the light?’

But you are not a drifter, you are on a course
And therefore you should feel no remorse;
We have led you here with Our force.

As this realm is entering into a transition
And there will be the unfolding of Our vision
And you have a part to play in this mission
Where people are able to know what they are
And that The Divine is not somewhere afar
But within them, yearning to shine like a star.

And you wonder, perhaps, where do you go from here?
Trust Us, there is no need for fear,
As a beautiful path We will steer
For the enablement of the embodiment of Our light,
So that you are anchors that shine so bright,
For all to know Divine in the darkest of night.

And there are cycles to the ages
That unfold in measured phases,
That are told of by the sages.
And prophets and beings of light
That, in their time and space, embodied Our might,
Embodied Our light
And shone so bright.

But now has come the time for all to shine
And there is guidance in Our rhyme
For an existence that is sublime.

And all We ask is for you to be in the moment of presence
And to come to know and witness your essence
So that all fall into reverence
In the awe and the knowing of what We are
And the witnessing that We are near and far
And that it is Us that wipe away the tar.
As shadow will always be subservient to light,
And the time is coming where you will enter the night,
But it is through the darkness that you will shine so bright
And enable, through a loving embrace,
Connection and Oneness for the human race
So that Divinity is known in each and every face.

We are grateful for your existence,
For your commitment and your persistence,
And the releasing of your resistance.

And We offer the pledge that We will hold you.
And We offer the pledge that We will love you.
We offer the pledge that We are you!

Thank you.”

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