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“Blue waves
The counting of days
Where the compounds of your body transmute
A vessel - like a shoot.

As millions call Our sound
All sitting around
In anticipation
To release separation.

The sea roars
The rain pours
Can the vibration be denied?
As much as the mind wants to try.

The body starts rocking
And the ground starts popping
A magnificent, splendid event
For divinity in a form We’ve sent.

What does all of it mean?
Could this be just a dream?
When you are One with Divine
Is any other feeling more sublime?

The days are passing by
And perhaps you are feeling high.
It is just the beginning
As the energy that you are bringing
Will light up the world in a flash
Leaving an aftermath
Where people look around
Questioning the light they’ve found
Ignited within their hearts
The birth is just the start.

You don’t need to comprehend
What is coming round the bend.
Just witness each moment
Stay present in each moment.
And each moment is as beautiful as this.
Presence offers the eternal bliss.

And at night when you go to bed
And remember what We’ve said
And chant the sound of Our call
That reverberates in the Oneness of all
Have you not found Our face
In this expansive grace?
Our face is the one that looks back at you in the mirror
The one that shines and shimmers.

Soon all can taste the sweetness.

Oneness is coming through you
In an event where non can doubt this truth.

Thank you.”

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