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“Could it be that you could live like this,
In Divine infinite bliss?
Now you have tasted The Lover’s gentle kiss.

And who is this lover?
The Lover of all
That you experience within
Whenever you call.

Is this Lover separate from you?
Perhaps your knowing it is something new
But you are this Lover,
That is what’s true.

And so perhaps from this experience
You can put aside deliriums
That say that you are separate
Or that in some way you must be perfect
To experience Divine grace.
Divine is in an entire race,
Not those who are special, or those of old;
And would We deny a tyrant, or those who are cold?

We answer to anyone who calls.
It is you who put up all the walls.
You are The Lover,
As We are you.
And in this knowing –
What changes with this knowing?
Perhaps your perspective opens to what is true?

As people can tell you what you are
And they can tell you that The Divine is far,
They can tell you We wouldn’t love your tar.
But We do not differentiate
Between anyone who opens the gate
To experience Divine bliss.
We respond, if that’s your wish.

Thank you.”

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