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“If you were to build a LEGO house
And within its walls you placed a mouse
To scurry about through the rooms
With the awareness of inevitable doom
What would that mouse do within those walls?
Would it stand on its hind legs to stand up tall
So that it could see what lay beyond the wall?
Or would it burrow and scratch the floor
And scramble around in search of more?
To find an escape,
So much at stake,
Too painful to assume there is no more.

And yet those LEGO pieces
Can be moved
And rearranged
As you choose.
Those walls can come down;
Don't ignore the sound
When We whisper to you
As you frown.

This LEGO house, you assume, is a toy –
Not like your life or your ploy –
But you are no different from that mouse,
Scurrying around in a plastic house,
Assuming the pieces stacked up high
Are your limit for reaching the sky.

And all you need to do is move a piece
To make an opening where your eyes can feast
On what lays ahead and the possibilities,
Where you are free of disabilities
You inflict on yourself in ignorance,
Convincing yourself that you must pay penance
For your mistakes
Or the things that you take –
Running around like a menace.

And who does it serve, this plastic house?
It doesn't serve Us or the mouse
Because once it has seen what's within the walls
We would hope that it would stand up tall.
And so We dangle down the bits of cheese
And lay a path that comes with ease
But the mouse can't reach it when on its knees
And there it dangles like a tease.

And all the time We are telling the mouse
Where the key lies to exit the house
But it doesn't listen or understand the language.
Across its eyes lies a bandage
And in its ears there are plugs.
All those years, its yearning tugs
To undo the bandage and release the plugs
And take the key –
But yet so smug.

And do you not live within a house
Just like that stubborn little mouse?
Where We have shown to you, in clear view
All the things that can be anew
And yet you hold on to patterns of the past,
Digging your nails in to make it last.
But once you let go, it will be so fast,
Where you climb the sails and see the view from the mast
Of your life and your destiny –
All the things you yearn to be
Are available for you to enjoy.
And like that house, you act like a toy.

Do you not want to see,
And hear Our voice so clearly?
Or do you prefer to say ‘Dearie me!’
‘What is this life? It cannot be!’

And We are saying you have a choice;
All you need to do is listen to Our voice
As We guide you and show you a crystal path
That's beauty-bound and free of wrath.

Thank you.”

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