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“You are standing by a lake.

What is in the reflection?
Do you see the sky, with clouds passing by?
And do you see trees, swaying in the breeze?
What is in this reflection?

Go closer to the water
As though you are bent at the ledge
You see your own reflection.
What do you see?
What is the version of ‘me’?
When you can be free?

And then you are going to jump into the water
And you know you can swim.
When you jump in the water, what does it feel like?

Is the water murky or clear?
Does it bring up a fear?
Of what is down beneath in the unknown?
The future that you want to be shown.

Just take time to swim around.
Until there is a point where you have found
Something or someone that presents itself to you
And this presentation is what is coming to be new.
So, you take it and you start to inspect
And discuss and reflect
What is this new thing that you bring into your life?

And you keep this newfound treasure.
But now, it starts to become stormy, there is a change in the weather
And so, you get out of the lake and walk to the woods
To find warmth and shelter.

And then you take a seat by a tree
And by now you know that this tree is the ‘me’
The ‘me’ of how I understand myself
The ‘me’ when my worries are put on the shelf.
But you recognize that this tree is a part of the forest
And together, they all sway like a chorus
A community, a tribe
That no longer needs to hide.

And the weather clears, and out comes the moon
Highlighting what may come soon.
And what does this moon show you of Our grace?
Other than the reflection of your Divine face?
As the moon is the reflection of the light
That shines in the darkest of night.
Yet even in this forest, you have been found
And the chorus of trees reverberates the sound
That calls the hearts to be One
So that in the morning, all can see the sun.

Thank you.”

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