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“There is a knock at the door
And you wonder who it is.
The knocking continues some more
Yet it’s ignored, as is.

The thunder beats like a drum
And lightning flashes in the sky,
Yet to Our call you do not come
And alone you sit and cry.

How loudly must We roar
For you to raise your head?
We only offer more
And awaken what is dead.

Has your heart not had enough
Of wallowing in pain?

You don’t need to be so tough;
Just recognize that We remain,
Holding you in every breath
And loving you in every beat.
This life may seem like a labyrinth,
But no matter the path, it is Us you will meet.

So, when you go out and meet people
Greet them with Our eyes.
You don’t need to climb a steeple
Or be afraid of goodbyes.

Everything shared that is of Our love
Is binding and true.
Your story was already made above
So that your love for Us can renew.

Thank you."

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