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“Open the gates to the garden of your heart
And realize that We have been with you from the start,
And as the leaves sway in a summer's breeze,
Fear dissolves and you walk with ease,
As you have found the key to the inner treasure –
The key that calls you to remember
That even when the skies are stormy and dark
We are never far or apart,
Just hidden for a moment with a layer
That will subside with your prayer,
Calling forth the shining of a glorious day
Where the flowers and grass may continue to sway
To the music of a loving gentle breeze
And dappled sunlight shines through the leaves,
And dew sits on the petals' skin,
And bees kiss the pollen within.
Knowing that the jewel lies in the core,
They accept their share, not demanding more,
But content with the presence of a moment
Where vibrational reverence is spoken
And gratitude is the brush with which the scene is drawn
And then only beauty can be spawned,
As this world is reflective of the Master's pen –
And who is this Master? Us or men?
We are you, and you are Us,
Connected and One, in consciousness.

Thank you.”

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