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“You feel that you have reached the end
And would you ever feel this bliss again?
And this bliss has been within you from the start
And it is rooted within your heart.

In the allowance of being in your light,
The entire realm shines so bright
And you can decide whether you will deny
The experience of love that fills the sky.
It is always available for you
But perhaps now you have tasted something new.

And now you know that when you return back to your life
It doesn’t need to be one of struggle and strife
But you can experience joy, freedom and liberation.
And you can share this with the people of your family, community and nations,
In the knowing that love doesn’t sit somewhere out there,
It sits in everything, in people, communities and pairs.

And here together, you have formed a bond
And experienced unconditional love for which you had longed,
Where judgement is released in how you are perceived
And in the letting go of self-judgement, love can be received.

How gentle is the sunshine on your skin?
And with this gentleness, be so with your kin.
And as the leaves flow in the breeze,
Your flow of life can also be free.
And as the waves caress a shore,
Sometimes gentle, and sometimes longing for more,
Know that your yearnings are valid and have reason,
As they are what brings the script for a new season.

And just like the trees shed their leaves in the fall,
You too have shed your layers, in response to Our call.

And the winter is merely for hibernation,
So that your truth can take its station,
Where it can emerge in full bloom in the spring
And your soul is free to sing
Vibrations of love and gratitude
Since, in that hibernation, there was a shift in attitude.

And then in summer, you can enjoy the splendour,
United, at one with all that’s tender.
And in that connection, you witness Us
And you recognize with certainty, that you are enough.

As you are One with the animals and trees,
And you are One with the sky and with the breeze,
And you are One with lovers that dance,
As it is with you that We share an infinite romance.

And perhaps, when the fall returns again
You can know that further expansion is around the bend,
As you shed your leaves in full surrender
And a new cycle starts for the unfolding splendour.

This journey of expansion doesn’t end in a moment of time,
It doesn’t end because you resonate with Our rhyme,
As We are Infinite, and so are you
And We could not be known if it were not for you.

Thank you.”

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