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“Do you understand the magnitude of this grace-
When you become Our face?

And you wonder if the sick will heal
And if the broken-hearted will no longer feel
The pain that they have been holding onto.
As separation will no longer belong to you
And the blind, the deaf, and the crippled will be
Free from the confines of physicality
And those who are sick, dying in their bed
Will start to move and raise their heads
And walk out to the world and wonder
How could I heal in this day of thunder?
It’s because We rend all asunder.

One doesn’t need to believe
That from separation you’ll be freed
And it isn’t only the sick that will be healed
But all will have access to the field
That allows for a beautiful manifestation
This is why you have been making preparation.
We understand if you still have fear and doubt
But on the hour, you will hear Our shout
That calls Oneness to be born
And that armour of layers will be torn
Away so that all see your light
And you step out of your dark night.

It is just the beginning, not the end
So be excited for what’s around the bend.
To live a life as One,
Where you shine brighter than the sun.

Thank you.”

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