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“The head of a ship
Or the head of a land,
The head on your body:
Who is in command?

The heart drives you

And the soul guides you
And the head gives confidence
Of your command.

It is from the head that you see

And the head that you hear

The processing of that

You wish to keep close and dear.

But is it the head
where We enter?
Or is it the opening of the heart?
The head can be the blockage,
The head is where We part.

It is what you see first,

It is what is given importance.

The heart is where the rivers flow
And the heart is where the stars glow
And the heart is where you shall find
The treasures that set you free from the bind.

You can admire this head
But know its place.
It’s what you present to others,
It’s what you show as a face.

But to connect to The Divine
You set this head free
And you open your heart
And call unto Thee.

Thank you.”

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