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“Feel how the breeze caresses your skin:
A reminder to shine and not to dim,
As this breeze is Us, expressing Our love to you
And that We know your truth, We know the real you.

And sometimes in your life you are visited by a guest
Who brings confusion. You think it’s a test
But it is Our way to call you to turn to Us,
For in Our unity, you are enough.

As the guests of sorrow, sadness and fear
Are not meant to bring you only tears,
They are there to highlight that your thoughts are not true
And your perspective on life is just limiting you.

And, like most guests, they will not stay
They are just a part of the orchestration, a part of the play
For you to embrace the innermost part
Of your light that you have been hiding in your heart.

And at times the guests of joy, connection and salvation
Call you to unite with people and nations
And share the love that is within your heart
And recognize that, with them, you are not apart,

As there is no separation between you and another –
All are a reflection of The Infinite Lover,
And when you witness a person, and look deep in their eyes,
The truth of their Divinity you cannot deny.

And so how is it that you look at the trees, flowers and sunsets
And know that it is God that brought them forth with the trumpet
That has blown with the sound of vibration,
For you to know that all are in relation?

And yet, when you look at yourself you cannot perceive
The reason for which you have been conceived –
You have come here to embody Divinity’s light
In both glorious days and fearful nights.

As Our light within you is what is constantly true,
It is only if, in that moment, you believe it is you.

Allow yourself to see.

Allow yourself to be.

So that Our light within you can be set free.

Thank you.”

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