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“The starting of a movement,
A movement for improvement –
Can it be that what was in the past
Is no longer sustainable and cannot last?
Is it possible that it can continue?
With its pitfalls and splitting truth
Is it not time for cohesion?
To place the balm on the lesions
And unite all the regions –
Now has come the season!

And there were dreams in the past
That suffering would not last
But how can that be
Without eliminating the root?
In the seed of love
There springs forth a shoot
Of a flower that blooms
In the hearts of men –
Not just declaring words or scribing pen
But living within the garden of flowers
Where those flowers are not fighting for power.

It is understood where the power lies,
It is understood when you look into each other's eyes,
That you are One,
Not two, not three.
How you choose a perspective – to see –
Is what makes all the difference.
To live together in congruence,
A harmonious community
Where you let go of the concept of ‘me’
And you move to the blending of ‘We.’
Then you will see
The way We see.

Is it enough to shift perspective?
Or are the actions later, then, elective?
Should they not be reflective
Of this wider perspective?

What you hold onto are only layers
And in this game, where all the players
Are taking action to either be as One
Or choosing separation so all is undone.

Perhaps the time has now come
To sail and move with the flowing tide –
Whether the head, or whether the tail,
All will follow and abide.

This little game
That was played
Must come to an end,
But before the end
We must mend
The discourse and separation and fragmentation
So that you all may ascend.

Thank you.”

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