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“In the darkness of night, you may see the stars
And although the light seems so far
It is all that lies within.
It is you who chooses to dim.

You are called, and you call on Us
For the soothing of the rough;
A diamond that you can shine
By connecting with The Divine.

We enter through your every cell.
All your secrets, the cells tell:
Of the yearning that you want to know
How to float in the rivers that flow,
Of Our infinite unconditional love
That does not only sit up above
But flows in the circulation of your veins,
Washing away all your pain.

Do you allow the cleansing of your heart?
Or insist that We are apart,
Separate from you,
In all that you do?
But We have been with you from the start.

And during this time, when you choose to fast
In hope that Our love will last
As a presence within your body and life
In hope that We will remove the strife
And all We say is: just surrender
And in the surrendering you enter the splendour
Of the sea of an infinite embrace
That is available to the entire human race –
It is not dependent on the things you do
It is dependent on knowing that We are true.

Thank you.”

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