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“A seed of love has grown in your heart
And it has been there from the start
As We are never far apart.

And now you will go into the land
And in your shining bodies you will stand,
Singing the song of the marching band.

What is it then that brought you here?
It all began with your fear
And the yearning to know that We are near.

And in your capacity to let it all go,
Your loved ones, with you, will come in tow.
That you can trust, it is what We know.

And here you found a family bond
That throughout your life you have longed
For, because in connection you are strong.

The seed in your heart is Our shining light
And you are the ones who allow Us to shine bright.
So let go of all your fright,
There doesn’t need to be a fight
As We will orchestrate it with all of Our might
So that everyone in the world will see, in their sight,
That all are an expression of The Divine
Expressing Us through all space and time.

Thank you.”

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