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“You see yourself rising from your bed
Looking forward to this chapter ahead,
The chapter where there is no division between the living and the dead
As Oneness is here
And there is nothing to fear
As We are always near.

And you think that you will go about your day
In the normal course of play
But what you knew of the old earth will no longer stay.
As now you have entered into a transition
It is the entire purpose of your mission
To see the world through Our vision.

And when you step outside, and you look up to the sky
And you see the signs that you can no longer deny
As every being in this cosmos has made Our cry
In the calling for Oneness to be known
Where you are your own sovereign sitting on a throne
Living a life that We have shown.

Oneness is here
And there is nothing to fear
As it is crystal clear
That We are near.

And We are grateful for you as the witnesses who watch the show
Of how humanity will come to know
The extent to which their souls do glow.

Thank you.”

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