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“Clouds above passing through the air
Acting as a filter for the sun’s glare
And there is a stillness in the air.

And below you the earth starts to shake
And things around you start to break
Could this be something fake?

Around you surrounds the light of solid gold
For the being you start to mould
Its arrival was always told.

And people in the town, they start to run
Outside their homes to see this sun
And the new age has begun!

Tears streaming down your face
Due to Our overwhelming grace
As its form, you can now trace.

And even though the towns are dark
From this epicentre glows a spark
And the angels start to hark.

And now right before your eyes
Are signs that cannot be denied
That come to the earth in a gentle surprise.
And now your life will never be the same
As you let go of duality’s game
And witness Our guided flame.

Watch and marvel in your awe
And share with the world what you saw
So, to Divine, all will draw.

It’s just the beginning, not the end
As in Oneness, We will mend
And Our love, We will lend.

See Our being in front of you
So how can you deny that this is true?
It is time to make this earth anew.

Thank you.”

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