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“You have a doll with which you play
And with it you play according to your way
And there are many dolls around you;
It is not limited to just a few.
All the characters of this world,
In this game, they are hurled,
And who is the puppet master?
You point at Us when it’s a disaster
But when things are good, you say it’s your will
That you chose to swallow the magic pill.
But all the beauty comes from Us
And all the struggle, and all the rough
Comes from the doubt in your mind
That We are the Most Gentle and Kind
That orchestrate a universe.
And Our movie is not perverse
But is infiltrated with your thoughts
Based on the things that you were taught
That limit the possibility
Of experiencing Our Majesty.

So, what does it mean, ‘to surrender,’
So that you can enjoy all the splendour?
It is choosing no longer to resist
And allow Our flow to persist,
And all you do is watch the game
And the character with your name,
Not hoping that it will bring you fame
Or worrying that it will bring you shame
But with the eyes of knowing that you will shine so bright
Like an infinite Divine light
And in the shining comes Our might,
For the unfolding of all that’s right.

Even though you name your doll
And try to make the doll stand tall,
From Our perspective you are blended light,
So, let go of your ego’s fight.

Thank you.”

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