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“Welcome, to Our house.

Of course,
Everything in creation is Our house,
Including you.

But this is a place for transmutation,
A place for awe
And a place to experience The Divine,
For the knowing of God
Where there is no need to talk.
It is experienced.

Is there confusion about why people come here
Other than to connect with their Lord?
Do you need to go to a place?

It is in this place that We hold space –
A space of love,
A space for witnessing,
A space to be authentically you,
A space to let go of layers,
A space to hear all of your prayers.
And this space also lies within each and everyone’s heart
But they assume We are apart,
And so here they come to be reminded.

Would they have comprehended at the time
That millions of people would chant Our rhyme?

Come when We call.

And We are the One who call the souls,
Regardless of what the messengers told.
It is We who hold the thread
And We call in every moment, until you are dead.
That is why so many struggle and suffer
Because they feel the tug of their Lover,
But they don’t know what they are being called to do,
They don’t know if the yearning is what is true.
And so We provide a place
Where there is the experience of Grace.

Here is the anchoring of Our light
So that you can see with full sight
That We live within your heart
And We have been with you right from the start.

And soon, this world will come into transition
As all have been born with a stated mission,
In that this light is anchored all around the world
So that not only humans have no doubt of Us
But every particle of random dust
Will bow down in surrender
So that they can taste the splendour
Of the transition to a new earth
Where The Divine is brought in through a rebirth.

You can consider that old ways are coming to an end
And life in Oneness is around the bend
And there will be those, afraid, that do not trust,
Attached to their bodies, made of dust,
And others will dance in the light that rains down
As they sing songs of praise in sporadic towns.
But regardless of how they chose to enter this transition –
And there may be various roads to perdition –
What lies ahead holds true for all.
We will not leave you to crash, We will catch you as you fall
As We are the Source of Infinite Love
And We hold all Our parts with a tender glove.

The transition is coming and it cannot be reversed,
So embrace it with gratitude, it isn’t a curse;
It is the welcoming to experience more of Us
And you may say what you have tasted is more than enough
But that is only because you do not know what lies beyond
And We are dynamic, not stagnant, in bond.

The transition is merely an expansion
As fear is held ransom
And there is the opening up to a wondrous phase
Where you no longer count the passing of days
But float in an infinite sea of bliss
Where your loved ones you never miss
As there are no walls separating the sea
Where the ‘I’ is replaced by ‘We.’

And perhaps your mind cannot fully understand
The point of the marching band?
But they will be led in rhyme to a sea of light,
To an experience of God that they see with full sight.

You have come here to experience what has been laid down before
And what will be offered is multifold more –
A sanctuary that opens the gates to heaven’s door
Where every being is left only in awe.

Thank you.”

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