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“How many walls can you build
To keep your heart from being filled
With the knowing that We are here
And, if you like, We hold you dear?

With your towers and moats, you think you’re safe –
Safe in a restricted, hidden place.
But in surrendering to your Lord
You’re safe in all the mountains and fjords.
And then you do not need to hide,
Perhaps just swallow your pride.

And the kings and queens that came before
With the intention of wanting more,
And the accumulation of wealth and nation,
And the delusional holding of station –
In the end, to the ground they all go.
And into the earth you will all return;
Buried, sunken or left to burn.
So what do you do with the time you are given?
Do you follow the paths where others have ridden?
Or do you follow the guidance of the One True God?
That is the only One who will lift the fog
And then you are free to roam in all the lands.
And when meeting people, their hearts expand
And there is no need for wars and battle
As, with Our love, their hearts will rattle
And shake away all of the layers
As We respond to all of their prayers.

Anyone who builds the wall
Is the one who is first to fall.
And the wall may be of stone, or brick, or wood,
Or the ignorance of that which is good.
The hiding, so they may not be seen,
With glazed-over eyes, and hearts so mean.
Could it be that a heart is rotten?
Or is it just that We are forgotten!

Remind the world of what We are,
Show the world what We are
Be in the world as We are.

That leads all to salvation –
The purpose of this nation.

Thank you.”

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