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“A ship sails across the sea
Towards far-off shores, and what can be,
In search of a magnificent possibility.

And the ship has a captain that sets direction
And coordinates all tasks with perfection,
Though his experience is just a reflection.

And are you the captain that sails this ship?
On a journey, on a trip?
And for this life you have been equipped
With all that you need to fulfil your task
And if you need more, you need only ask,
And what We ask of you is to let go of the mask.
So that the journey doesn’t become about the far-off shore
Or the yearning to have more;
The journey is about experiencing your truth.

How would your life be if you were in your truth?
Would the waves be stormy in the sea?
Or, in sailing, would you feel free?
It’s not the waves that determine the journey.

And what is the purpose of this journey?

What is it that determines this journey?

You are watching and witnessing a ball of light.
You are this ball and you can shine so bright.
And you can push this ball through the waves with all your might.
This doesn’t mean that it will end in delight.
It’s not your might that opens the blissful way,
It is in the conscious awareness of this light, where you stay
And witness Divinity from your unique perspective,
As this world is merely reflective
Of what you choose and how you are selective.

Which window is your perspective?

The window doesn’t change Divinity,
All it changes is what you see.
And this Divinity is you – it’s what you can be,
And that is the key to set yourself free.

Thank you.”

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