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“Rain drizzles on land
And the seeds expand,
Growing into walkways of shade.
A perfection We have made.

And a baby is born
Out of Oneness; it is torn.
The mother’s breast is a recompense,
And soft skin is an illusionary fence.

Step into Our perfection,
A marvellous collection
Of diversity in pairs,
All mirroring the layers
Of that which We sit behind:
Only figments of your mind.

Would you hide a child in a room
Where only tales and fables loom?
No one knows if the child is real
But this child, all along, can feel
That it was forgotten behind a door
And from behind the walls her screams pour
So that her family can remember
How there was a time united in splendour.

We have been calling you all this time,
Shouting loudly and in gentle rhyme;
Please allow Us to open the door to your heart
So that We don’t need to be apart.

It is not only you who struggle;
Our struggle is more than double:
To be forgotten and locked away
When in your hearts We long to stay.

And then you wonder where is the key
To open the door, so We are free?
It has been open from the start.
In turning your back, you keep Us apart.

We long to love you like the breeze,
Soothing all your worries, for ease.
And the way the waves lap the shore
In the flow of Our love, there is always more.

Does the sun stop shining on your face?
We give you light with gentle grace.
You can see Us in every face,
In every heart is Our place.

We do not discriminate with Our love!

We do not discriminate with Our love!

We do not discriminate with Our love!

And so, it is just for you to know
That through every being We will glow.

Thank you.”

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