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“A little boy went to a well
And as he looked down into it, he asked it to tell
The story of what is to come
And if that story can be undone.

But in the well, all he saw was his reflection,
With the distortions of his perfection
And as he shouted down, and the echo bounced,
His fear became more pronounced.

And by the well, this boy did weep.
He wanted to jump in but it was so deep.
How from the edges could he leap?
Was it the fear that made him meek?

And so many a day would pass by
And shouting at the well, he would try,
And all the while his reflection looked back,
Trying to reassure him that he was on track.

But as night fell and darkness came over
The reflection had not brought him closure
And then the moon started to reflect in the well
And he thought, perhaps, the moon would tell.

And so, he turned to the moon and asked it to say
That if, on this starry night, he did pray
Would the moon then tell him of the better way
Where he would no longer wander astray?

And the moon just shone as the reflection of the sun
And all those knots inside were not undone;
As it is not the moon that will call you forth
And alleviate your sadness or remorse.

And so, this boy chose to fall asleep
And before sleeping he did weep
That perhaps when the morning sun arose
The sun would be the one to propose
Which path this boy should take
And what, of this life, the boy should make?

But when the sun rose in the morning sky
He realized that asking the sun would be a lie.
As he watched the animals wonder to and fro,
Not considering where they go,
And yet they march up in a row,
As the inner instruction is what they know.

And is this instruction the result of their thoughts?
Or the collection of things that they brought?
Or the school they attended and what they were taught?
Or is it the realization that they are naught
That will bring them to their salvation?
And this journey is just a preparation,
It is not about a destination,
It is about the realization
That We are the One who offers revelation
And We orchestrate the routes of persuasion
So that you come to see
That all will be
According to Our presentation.

Thank you.”

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