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“There is a sun rising in the earth
That will bring in the dawn of a new day
As Our regent will nurse
All of the hearts made of clay.

And the day of Our arrival will be known,
As humanity will be shown
A brilliant light in the sky
So that no one would be able to deny
As to what would have just taken place –
The showing of Our face.

And the clouds will roar in thunder
As rend all asunder
And some run about in fear
As they do not know that We are near.

And those that know Our love
Become the beacons of Our love
As together they will stand
As Our marching band.

And they will go out to the world to declare
That in Divinity you can share
All the marvels of creation,
Whether strangers or in relation,
Holding hand in hand
United all will stand,
Glowing in the knowing
That through them We are showing
That a time for Oneness has arrived.

Are you ready to meet your guide?

Thank you.”

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