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“To be able to exist in this wonderous phase
At the precipice of a golden age
And the ego is stuck in the story
Denying the soul’s glory
And then you ask: ‘how could it be
That I’m having such a hard time to see me?’

What is your fear?
Is it the fear of validation?
Or is it the fear of how now can you take your station?
When you are uncertain of what has unfolded
And a part of you feels like you have been scolded.
But this process is just to unpeel the bandage
And instead of being angry, take advantage
Of the possibility that there is something beyond your knowing
That in a dimension of existence, you are already glowing.

You look to the sky, and hope it would light
As a sign to let go of this struggle and fight
That you have endured in this realm of separation
But the transition comes in a gradation
And the process has already started where you have been set free
From the stagnation and bind of physicality
But to move too quickly would be such a shock
And so, into this realm, you will gently knock.

And the being of Oneness has been born
It is just not familiar yet, as it isn’t your norm
But you will become acclimatized to this vibration
And feel confident in your station
To guide all into this transition
You have been born for this mission.

And just because from the perspective within which you sit
The unfolding of the event did not quite fit
Your expectations,
You feel a degradation.
But if you knew
How We honor you;
You would fall in humility and prostration
In the recognition that there is no separation.
The signs will manifest as We have said
But are you ready for that part of you to be dead?
And when you are, that is when you will walk through the door
And realise that this little picture had so much more
To what your mind in this moment can comprehend
And to what your heart in this moment can receive of the grace We send.

Hold onto your faith and be sturdy
Even when the picture is blurry
‘Cause there will come a time when the fog will be lifted
And you will come to witness that which you have been gifted.
There is a process to the unfolding
As your vessel, We are moulding
Into a being of crystalline form
To show humanity that this can be the norm
And all can experience this transmutation
The sole purpose of this nation.

Thank you.”

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