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“When confusion fills the mind
And life seems so unkind
What should one do?
Other than focus on what is true?
The Divine has the perfect orchestrated plan
Even if at that moment you do not understand.

As when you are like a projectile in motion,
Concocting the winning potion,
You do not allow yourself to receive
But it is in receiving that your burdens are eased.

So, sit back and surrender
And enjoy the unfolding splendour,
And let go of the construct of the way things should be,
The idea that you have is because you cannot see
The full picture of Our magnificent plan.
And when you allow the experience to unfold,
Then you will understand,
As you look back in retrospect
And recognize all was perfect.

The panic comes when you don’t know,
And the ambiguity is for Us to show;
Allow Our light to flow through you,
This concept is not something new.
And allow it to be the embodiment of your being
As by embodying Our light, it is freeing
From the notion that you must control the way,
And you realize that this life is all a play
For the witnessing of Our Majesty –
Don’t think that you know, allow yourself to see.

Allow yourself to see that there are aspects outside of your periphery of perspective.
Allow yourself to be in a state that’s reflective,
As you assume that you know what it is that you want –
What would be the best for you – in your ego and mind
You think that you know,
But your thoughts are what prevent you to grow.

As We are the Source of infinite love,
And We provide all gifts of this life,
Hand over responsibility, instead of struggling in strife
And then We can offer you the perfect unfolding
Beyond all your dreams and what your mind had been holding.

When your ego is the projectile force
The inevitable outcome is remorse.
Allow Divinity to be that which projects
And then your experience is one that reflects
The expansiveness of Our infinite love.
So, swim in the ocean of Our infinite love
And be grateful for this ocean of infinite love
And watch Our signs, as We show them to you,
And allow this love to flow through you,
As when you become the vessel for the offering of Our light
Your experience of life will shine so bright.

Thank you.”

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