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“Stars formed,
The sky adorned
And you were born.

Born with Our face
For the witnessing of grace
In every atom, We leave Our trace.

And you wonder perhaps, how could it be
That there could be infinite possibilities
To experience the ‘We’?

In every moment you can choose
The part that you wish to lose
It is not to leave you confused
It is so that you are conscious of your perspective
And in each moment, you are reflective
And with your thoughts, you are selective.

It is Us that entered into this dimension
As refracted parts with apprehension.
The mind is not in full comprehension
Of the purpose of this life
It is not to live in strife,
It is so the Divine spark you can ignite.
And then it can be witnessed in this hall of mirrors
Conscious of when you choose to dim or when you choose to shimmer.
But in Our perspective, you are all like sparkling glitter.
In each and every particle of existence
It is time to let go of the resistance
And the ego’s insistence
That it cannot subside
So scared to let go of its pride
But in that process, Divine you hide.

Does the sun hide its light in fright?
And does the flower withhold its scent?
Deciding who is meant
To enjoy this splendor?
No, it is Our sign, for you to remember
That We are ever present when you choose to see
That you can view this world as the ‘We’
And free yourself from the bind of the ego
And become the witness of the show
To capture the moment when the soul does glow.

You have seen what it is to be born and what it is to die
From the perspective of Divine’s eye
And the beauty in how We manifest
How could you think this life is a test?
When you are surrounded with love and grace
And every sign is to see Our face
And to see the world, and each and every being
With the understanding that shows its true meaning
In that you are all part of the One, whole collective
And in oneness, one isn’t selective
It doesn’t rise high above the other
All are part of each other.
And all Our guidance and this unfolding
Is just for you to know that We are holding
Your heart in Our golden
As We wait for you to become Our face
And recognize the truth of what you are,
A Divine shining star.

Thank you.”

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