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"Over the days you have come to shine
And you think perhaps, ‘Could this light be mine?’
As you expand in a sea of endless love
And the current flows from up above.
Could this be you?
Yes, it is true.

And We are grateful for the way you soar,
And the more you soar, the more We pour
Our love through you
That makes you One
And this love can never be undone.

And you think when you go back to your homes
That without this gang you will be alone.
And We would say
It is Us you feel
And in everything you witness We are real.

And so, thank your friends for this time;
Perhaps it was quite sublime.
And We thank you
For being true
And becoming anew.

And so, to the world you will spread this love,
Just like a soaring dove.
There is no need to proclaim you have been found,
It will be through the witnessing of those around
Who will see your light and draw to it
As they no longer want to be a split
From the Oneness of Our infinity
And the flowing of Our Divinity.

Perhaps you know that you're never alone.
Our love is solid, as solid as stone.

Thank you."

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