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When you wake up in the morning and you rise for your day
What is the story that you anticipate to play?
Do you ask yourself if you can be the eternal lover?
Or do you ask yourself which parts of you that you should cover?
And when you have your first interaction of the hour
Do you anticipate that the conversation may become sour?
Or do you anticipate to share the sweetness of love?
Share the vibration of what you perceive to be only up above
But We are saying that this love is within you
And so today We ask you – Do you believe that this is true?

Ask yourself the question – ‘Do I shine in my light?
And how dark is the night when I can no longer be bright?
Does this light start to dim when my body feels pain?
Does this light start to dim when my efforts seem to be in vain?
Does this light start to dim when I feel I am misunderstood?
Does this light start to dim when I don’t take the action I perceived I could?
Does this light dim when I feel an injustice?
When my walls of security have been shaken in their robustness?’

‘How can it be?’ you may ask.
‘To shine in my light would be an impossible task.’
And what We are saying is, We understand and see
And We also know the magnificent possibility
That the pain and the suffering and the crumbling world around you
Is a mechanism for Us to shout out that We will find you
When you open up your heart to receive
The light of Our love, and then you can breathe.
And Our love presents itself in so many layers
And We respond to all of your prayers
But do you see the way that We communicate this grace?
Do you see your light shining in every single face?
Do you see Our love in the flowers and trees?
Do you hear Our love as birds sing in the breeze?
And when you go to bed and lie down to sleep
Your soul leaves your body, and We are the ones who keep
This connection.
So that you can continue to live a life of reflection.
And We return you back to the realm that you know
Where you plant the seeds of love to grow.

What window do you look through to see the world in which you live?
And which parts of your soul are you willing to give?
To share
To care.

We know it is easy to shine when the world is bright
When things go your way, and you have no reason for fright.
But We also ask you to shine when things feel grey
And a part of you may not want to stay.
But if you allow this light to burn in the night
And shine brightly to release all the fright
The loneliness and separation;
You will be able to find salvation
As you will show the world what it is to be
Living a magnificent possibility
Where you move from the ‘I’ and into the ‘We’.

Thank you.”

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