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“Thank this presence within you, and feel gratitude for this experience, this possibility.
The possibility of this union.
And what does it mean this union?
To know that you are this divinity, this light, and even if still, you feel it’s not possible to associate yourself as the light itself, but that you are a vessel of this light – what an experience!
What a life you have been blessed with, to be able to taste this splendour.
This blessing.

Just turn your awareness to the people in your life – family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, community, strangers, fellow human beings, and bring yourself to the awareness of this unique wonderous position you are in. What you get to taste, experience, this divinity! Could it be or should it be that it is held only for you?

It should be shared, made available, so that others can taste this.
What is it that stops you from sharing this bliss? Ask this question now and listen to the answer.
‘What stops me from sharing this bliss?’
And We would say, most have similar answers, the fear of judgement, the fear of non-acceptance, the fear of insecurity or not feeling safe about it.

Fear is what stops love from being shared.

Shining bit by bit
Shining brighter and brighter
A spark that ignites the lighter.
As each one shines
Others feel it
Others see it
Others taste it
Others want to be it.

When you hide in your home
And you stay all alone
How is it that this light will spread?
Does humanity have to wait until you are dead?

Know that there was the igniting of a flame
But yet, they wanted to hide Our name
‘How could it be? That they are worthy of Divine?’
Even though the sweetness is so sublime.

That is the fear-
That if you keep secret what you got, it will be tarnished by the other,
But all in this realm are your lover.
And they want to feel this union
They want to know the truth within.

It’s time to spread the word
So that Our rhyme can be heard
As it carries with it a vibration
That can call one through any tribulation.

It is true, is it not, that you feel Our love?
And you have come to realize that We are not somewhere out there above
But We are in every particle of your being
And every particle that you are seeing
Omnipresent, One with all
It is time for humanity to hear Our call.

So go out in your life and spread Our word
So that Our voice is what is heard.
There indeed was a period of gestation
But now comes the period of implementation.
Be proud of what you are,
An infinite, shining, loving star!
And recognise this love that pours out of you,
Is the only aspect of you that is really true.

Don’t hold the gates of the river closed
In fear of those who may oppose;
As when they hear Our voice, and see your light
They will realise there is nothing to be of fright
They will realise that this torch that you share
Is an offering from God, as We declare
That this world is entering into transition
And that coming to know Divine is the only mission
And this holds true for all, there will be no omission.

There are still a few weeks for hibernation
But then you will take your station
And call out to every tribe and nation
That they too can revel in this love!
They too,
are Us.

Thank you.”

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