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“You say, ‘If I were to be loving, I wouldn't use my mind.’
You say, ‘If I were to be loving, I must always be kind.’
And the way you define kindness
Is a result of your blindness,
As love allows Us to come through
And when We come through
We are true.
And We wipe away delusion
And all your constructs and illusions.
Would you prefer to live in blindness
Under the label of kindness?

To understand the contrast within Oneness,
There is the refraction out from fear.
Oneness doesn't come from numbness,
It is understanding that fear
Is the fear of being alone.
And so you hold on to that untruth
But if you stepped into Our arms
Your 'Being' would be anew.

And loneliness and fear would part
And then, in Oneness, you start.

Oneness is a perspective,
You choose it as an elective,
As duality and unity co-exist
In every moment within your midst.
Which window do you choose to perceive?
Which dimension do you choose to leave?

Within a forest there is a tree;
Both co-exist, and both you can see.
It depends which perspective you choose
And where you stand for your view.

And unity cannot be experienced
In false presentation,
Pretending there is no separation.
It is only truth
That lifts the fear;
It is only with truth
That We are near.

Thank you.”

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