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“Wistful winds
And empty paths,
The sun shines down
And lights the grass.

In every blade,
Its story known
And every seed
We have sown.

And does the rain
Not pour down,
To offer the nurturing
Of the town?

And the nutrients pass
Through open veins,
Yet when they are blocked
You feel the pain.

Who blocks Our love
From passing through?
It is never Us,
It is only you.

Allow the garden
To bloom and grow
And the children line up
In marching rows.

We have a plan
Of what will be
And your role
Is just to see
How the light shines in the dark
And how the dark shadows the light
And in the median
A balance comes;
In the middle,
Lies the radiating sun.

All are there
For you to see;
Not to mould.
Just to be.

And in the seeing
We are known
And in that knowing
New seeds are sown.

To assume that one
Knows The Divine –
You’ve had a glimpse
In a moment in time.
But We are infinite,
Beyond the sea,
Beyond the realm
Of ‘you’ and ‘me.’

You are here to witness
A gentle part
But it cannot be known
Where We start
Or where We end
Or what’s around the bend,
Or will We mend
The story you tend.

You are here to be,
Just to see
An assigned lot,
So, forget Us not.

Thank you.”

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