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“As the winter comes, the leaves are released.
It is not because We are not pleased,
It is the making way for that which is new,
That will spring forth with the morning dew.

And the buds squeeze their way up to the sky
And the bees pollinate and fly high
And the rain drizzles down on the ground:
A new home that water has found.

It moves up into its lover
And yet its lover is searching for cover,
Unaware of what will come from this union.
And yet it doesn’t stay prudent.
It expands and opens to the sun
So that its shield is released and undone
And forth springs a flower
Radiating beauty in the morning hour.

And spring converts into summer,
Another season for the lover,
And the leaves flow in the breeze
And then dance around like a tease
For the dappled sunlight to catch,
And on the bark the moss attaches,
Hugging the bark like it’s the world;
Around its edges it is curled.

And the birds sing and the frogs dance,
All the lovers enjoying romance;
Such a beautiful sight.
And then the transference to the night
Where the stars rise into the sky
And angels lift the clouds as they go by
And, as you sleep in a cool summer evening breeze,
All of your worries are appeased.

And you dream of what is to come –
Will this love ever be undone?
It only morphs in the season
And every season has its reason.

And then approaches autumn’s orange sky
That We paint with colour so you cannot deny
The magic that ripples through a forest.
And the fireflies light up like a chorus
And the doe looks after her fawn
And the birds chirp in the dawn
That covers this realm with Our light
So everything can shine so bright.

And then again the leaves start to fall.
It is not that We put up a wall,
It is to renew your understanding of God.

What do you understand Us to be?

Perhaps through changing seasons you will see.

Thank you.”

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