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“What is this wind if it isn’t love
That comes from the open heavens above?
So take it in and set yourself free.
In this moment, you just need to be.
And let go of all of your sorrow
And all of your worry about tomorrow
As you are always held in a Divine embrace:
This is Our promise to the human race.

And in the moments when you shed your tears
And you worry, in your fear,
Could it be that We would ever abandon you?
Our constant presence is what is true.

And in the ruffling wind of the breeze
We remove your burdens and open ease
For you to enter a brighter day,
As in your heart is where We stay.

We don’t want to be disconnected
And is it you, or is it Us, that are rejected
When you turn away and close your eyes
Instead of marvelling at the skies?

Have We not created mountains and plains
In the hope that you would call Our name
And seas and rivers which flow,
In the hope that in your heart We glow?

And then you say you want to feel,
That this love of Ours is truly real
And what does the wind on this day
Tell you? That this is not for play.

And We have created the planets and the stars
And all is embraced within Our arms.
Is a sunset any more beautiful than your light?
But to recognize that, you are in fright
Of being such a marvellous splendour.
All We ask is that you remember
That We would never leave you alone.
Our love is solid, as solid as stone.

Thank you.”

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