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“The time is approaching
And one another, you are coaching,
Wondering about this unfolding.
Are We one to be hoaxing?

When you fall into Our arms
You will come to know the calm
As your thoughts, emotions and ego are laid to rest.
Your life is not a test
But a calling into this splendor
Into the moment when you remember
That We are not separate
Especially in the times when you are desperate.

Our loves, there is nothing to fear
And let Our soothing light wipe away your tears
As We wash your heart in gold
And allow miracles to unfold.

But the miracles will not only be
What you choose to see.
And don’t let your demands be a distraction
From the ways that We take action.

The signs outside are for the other
To draw them to the eternal lover
But they do not define Our existence
Release the story and your insistence
That Our signs should be what you expect
Assuming then others will validate you as perfect.
You are already perfect in Our eyes
It is you that denies.
And We do not require any validation
And neither should you to take your station
As a beacon of light
That holds the torch in the night.

The ego wants a certain way
For the unfolding of this play
But it will be beyond what your mind can imagine
It will be beyond what you can possibly fathom.
And disappointment comes when you insist
On a particular way to experience your bliss.
So just surrender to the unfolding
And allow the energy that’s golden
To enter into every crevasse of your being
It is in the inner journey that you will be seeing
The majesty of Our face
The expansiveness of Our grace
Where separation leaves no trace.

Thank you.”

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