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“The blades of grass that grow in a garden
Do not expect the foot that squashes them to ask for pardon.
They accept, in surrender, the cycle of life,
Even if that cycle offers some strife.

And the flower that offers its sweet scent
Does not seek to know what the one who smells it meant.
Its perfume is available for all who pass
As it knows the one that crosses its path
Is the one that was meant to come and know it,
And no need to make a show of it;
It recognizes the orchestration of what was meant to be
And in that surrender it is set free.

And the trees that grow and witness you,
They too recognize what is true,
That all the events of the future and the past
Are fleeting moments, not meant to last.
As time is reflective of the transition
In how one is able to fulfil their mission
Of what it is that they have come here for
As opposed to seeking and yearning for more.

And the birds that fly high in the sky
Are grateful for the wind and they do not deny
That there is a force that lifts them up.
And when they are soaring, it is not that they are stuck
In a state of blissful being
But that state is for them to be seeing
That The Divine is high and The Divine is low
And The Divine is in all: a part of the show.

And when you witness the one who breaks your heart:
They were meant to be with you from the start;
Before you even entered this body of flesh
There was a constellation, a web, a mesh
That anchored the points of your transition
And the moments which build the platform for the mission
For you to come to know your Divine light –
Not only your light, but the light of all that are in sight.

And is it random that you have come here today
To be a part of this wondrous play?
You are here with a Divine task
And to know what that is, you need only ask.

Today We start with letting go of the layers.
As We have heard all of your prayers,
It is time, now, for you to stand in your light
And being in light is not something to cause fright –
It is the embodiment of Our might.

And if you were to recognize that by hiding away
Not only are you affected, but all in the play,
As all are the extension of your energetic being,
And by seeing your light, all can be seeing
The magnificence of not only what you are
But that each and every one can shine like a star.
And We are grateful that you have come here to know
The extent to which your soul can glow.

Thank you.”

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