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“Radiance shines down from the sky.
Is it the same radiance you saw in the eye
Of the person to whom you opened your heart
And realized that you are not apart?

Separate, as two individual beings,
But that is only through the way that you are seeing.
Could it be that you could see all as One?

Could it be that you could see all as One?

Could it be that you could see all as One
And all shine brightly, just like the sun?

And you go through life, and you ponder
Through this journey that you wander,
Highlighting the contrast of a realm,
But you are the director at the helm
Of what it is you choose to see
And what it is you choose to be.

Could you be a magnificent light
That shines so brightly in the night?
And darkness may be what lies around you
But here you have come and here We have found you.
And who is it that is referred to as ‘We’?
Is it any different than ‘Me’?

You have come here to release your layers
And We have heard all of your prayers.
Is it through action that the dawn will come?
Or is it just through the being of the sun?
Allow yourself to be in your truth –

The truth of what you are:
A magnificent, radiant star.

And if you were to shine, would it be such a profanity?
Or would it be a service to all humanity?

You have called to Us in your darkest night
And all you need to do is pay attention to the light;
The light that shines within your heart,
That has been with you right from the start.

Thank you.”

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